Client Good Faith Disclosure

The advantage of online advertising, location-based digital advertising and lading page media is vast and wide. In the moment, consumers today, are instead cruising the “mobile-first” local web by product and service keywords…not by brand.


Location-based digital advertising allows businesses to capture the attention of online users on a mobile device no bigger than an index card with ease. Digital advertising is a great way to supplement your current advertising and marketing strategies and creates the opportunity for companies to predict their advertising budget with short term and promotional advertising. Location-based digital advertising, can taget consumers with pinpoint accuracy in product and service search ads. 

Here are just a few examples of how online advertising, exact match domain names and website self-management can help your current advertising and marketing strategies:

  • Provides businesses with affordable short-term and promotional digital advertising options.

  • Landing pages that leverage the Eau Claire business directory listing website and online advertising that provides precision consumer product and service targeting.

  • Message control, advertising cost controls, local online ad positioning. 

  • Digital Ads serve within 24 to 48hrs.

  • Data-less location-base online advertising can target online consumers searching into Eau Claire from outside the area.

Empire Builders llc wants to emphasize that we provide an independent non-affiliated online digital advertising directory service. Our online advertising strategies, once implemented, can be a great alternative to print, radio and broadcast television.

As we know with any digital marketing strategy... What you put into it is what you get out of it. We encourage business owners, marketing departments and ad buyers, to utilize Empire Builders LLC free local one-time demonstration offer.

Please note: Search engines at-will index, remove and update new sites and landing pages when crawled. Search engines and digital advertising providers can reject submitted URLs to their index and online advertising campaigns. Search engines, online advertising providers and Empire Builders llc can't make predictions or guarantees about when and or where an indexed URL, title tags, content description or an digital ad will appear in a search, display, voice and/or audio response. Indexed, ranked and scored content and digital advertising search and display results can and will change without warning.

Empire Builders LLC makes no claims, promises and/or implied guarantees of future performance of business: sales, revenues, marketing, profitability, lead generation and alike.

Empire Builders llc does own several category specific local and national business directories . These  business directories can and will compete directly with  clients using Empire Builders online digital advertising consulting and management services. 

We look forward to working with your company now and in the future!